• Virtual Welding Training Program

Virtual Welding Training Program

Kobelco’s Virtual Welding Training Program is a brand-new solution that solves typical difficulties encountered in traditional welding training. This easy-to-use and simple set-up () is able to offer welding training for a variety of welding processes and positions. Training can be conducted carefully and repeatedly with an adjustable level of difficulty that simulates several scenarios, from mimicking the movements of a skilled welder to welding with a dark mask.

Our Virtual Welding Training Program has not only features that help perfect the trainees technique, but also a feature that allow for the tracking of the their progress – which increases training efficiency. With this optional software feature, it is possible to individually track each trainees total set-up time, hours of training, times they changed base material and consumables, score, along with a cost reduction analysis.

Main Features:

  • Set-up of welding materials.
  • Learning by mimicking and observing the movements of a skilled welder, with no obstructed view.
  • Adjustable visibility, current, base material thickness, consumable diameter.
  • Data Log and Reports.
  • Multilingual support.

VR Headset                  Attachment


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